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EKEN H9 – Entry level adventure sports cam

I use this cheap but highly value for money sports camera to help me with my vlogging. It does what it is meant to do and does it well. There are two versions, the H9 is the camera with mounting accessories and the H9R comes with a handy remote. Click on the image below to order one from, the place I buy my stuff from.


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Here is a test video to help you make up your decision.


Three valuable lessons

Three Lessons from this picture:

  1. Sometimes the best response to provocation is not to fight
  2. Not all opportunities are to be taken. Some are traps.
  3. A person can become so determined to destroy another person that they become blind and end up destroying themselves

How to make money on YouTube?

There is a lot of confusion when you start out on YouTube.

After you have created few videos and posted to your channel, you are left wondering what is it that will help you make money on your YouTube channel.

There are three parameters that comes to everyone’s mind:

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Subscribers

Well, here is the big news, none of them make you money. Continue Reading →