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How to make money on YouTube?

There is a lot of confusion when you start out on YouTube.

After you have created few videos and posted to your channel, you are left wondering what is it that will help you make money on your YouTube channel.

There are three parameters that comes to everyone’s mind:

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Subscribers

Well, here is the big news, none of them make you money.

Yeah, you heard me right, none of them make you money on YouTube.

You may now wonder why does everyone on YouTube ask people to like and subscribe to their channel? Why is everyone on YouTube trying to find out how much money do YouTubers make per 1000 view on their videos.

First, let us look at subscribers. There are channels with a huge subscription base and then there are channels with less than 100 subs. You can get an estimate on their earnings by using the SocialBlade website (

Let me inform you, that YouTube DOES NOT pay you for subscribers or based on how many subscribers you have on your channel. However, subscribers are important to an extent for your channel. Subscribers get notified everytime you upload a video. This, in turn, increases the chances of getting views on your videos. In short, a good subscription base helps in the distribution of your videos on YouTube. Alternately, if you are into creating viral content, then it is not needed for your channel. Your videos get viral due to user shares on their social network and messaging apps. So, you have to decide if you need a subscriber base or not based on the type of content and mode of distribution that will help your channel.

Next, let us look at Likes or ThumsUp that every YouTubers seems to be chasing for. Again, YouTube DOES NOT pay you for the number of likes you have on a video. Then why is it mentioned in every video?

“Likes” help the YouTube algorithm to determine if your content is good for a particular keyword or search. Depending on how many likes your video is able to garner, YouTube algorithm determines on what rank to place your video for a relevant search. This, in turn, boosts the chances of your video to land on the recommended list or the search page in a prominent position.

Now let us look at “Views”. Many a times you would see people trying to find out how many dollars does their favorite YouTuber makes per 1000 view of their video. The bad news is, YouTube does not pay you per 1000 views of your video.

The good news is YouTube does pay for views. Confused??? Let me explain. YouTube is a platform that makes money by displaying advertisement. And in order for you to make money, you need to show ads before, during or after your video. You will have to get banners and ads on the side when your video is being played. So, YouTube pays you for every 1000 monetised views of your video. Of the number of views, you get on a video and small portion is monetised, 15-30% or more if your channel is popular.

You should also note that YouTube prefers to display a monetised content over non-monetised content. So, always monetize your videos.

Coming Soon: Do check my next post on “YouTube Algorithm Hacks” to improve the reach of your videos.

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